5+ Best Bowling in Karnal

Looking to have a fun bowling experience in Karnal? Check out this list of the top 6 bowling centers in the city, complete with contact details, addresses, ratings, and brief descriptions of each center’s amenities and atmosphere.

Here You Can See Top 5+ Bowling Bowling in Karnal

Here is a list of the top 6 best bowling centers in Karnal, along with their contact details, address, rating, and a brief description:

1. Blu-O Jupiter Mall

– Contact Details: +91 9992535842
– Address: 3rd Floor, Jupiter Mall, Karnal, Haryana, India
– Rating: 4.2/5
– Description: Blu-O at Jupiter Mall is a well-known bowling center in Karnal. It offers a state-of-the-art facility with modern amenities, multiple bowling lanes, comfortable seating, and a lively atmosphere. The center also provides additional entertainment options like arcade games, food, and beverages.

2. Fun City

– Contact Details: +91 9812232000
– Address: 2nd Floor, Cosmos Mall, GT Road, Karnal, Haryana, India
– Rating: 4.1/5
– Description: Fun City is a popular family entertainment center that includes a bowling alley. It features a spacious and well-maintained bowling area, along with a range of other activities such as video games, go-karting, and a food court. The center aims to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

3. Hangar Sports Hub

– Contact Details: +91 7404420018
– Address: Opposite Kalra Hospital, GT Road, Karnal, Haryana, India
– Rating: 4.0/5
– Description: Hangar Sports Hub is a multi-sports complex that includes a professional bowling facility. It offers a modern and well-equipped environment for bowling enthusiasts. Along with bowling, Hangar Sports Hub also has facilities for indoor cricket, badminton, tennis, and other sports.

4. Karnal Fun World

– Contact Details: +91 1842250330
– Address: Link Road, Sector 13, Karnal, Haryana, India
– Rating: 3.9/5
– Description: Karnal Fun World is a family entertainment center with a bowling alley as one of its main attractions. This center offers a variety of entertainment options, including gaming zones, rides, a food court, and party packages. It is a popular choice for birthday parties, family outings, and group events.

5. Mussoorie Hills Sports Bowling Alley

– Contact Details: +91 9467890160
– Address: Nigdhu Road, Karnal, Haryana, India
– Rating: 3.8/5
– Description: Mussoorie Hills Sports Bowling Alley is a recreational facility that features a bowling alley. While it may be relatively small compared to other centers, it provides a decent bowling experience with a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

6. Galaxy Fun Land

– Contact Details: +91 9253058192
– Address: Chawla Colony, Uchana Road, Karnal, Haryana, India
– Rating: 3.7/5
– Description: Galaxy Fun Land is a well-known amusement center that includes a bowling alley. Along with bowling, it offers various indoor games, rides, and a party area. This center aims to provide entertainment for the whole family with a focus on creating a fun-filled experience.

Please note that the ratings mentioned above are based on online user reviews and may vary over time. It is always recommended to contact the bowling centers directly for the most up-to-date information and to inquire about their current services and offerings.

Final Words

In conclusion, Karnal offers a range of excellent bowling centers, each providing a unique experience for bowlers of all ages. From state-of-the-art facilities to family-friendly entertainment, these centers are a must-visit for bowling enthusiasts in the area. Contact them directly for the most current information.

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